Henrietta Doll Lovers Club
Annual doll showing sale
April 28, 2012
3318 E. Henrietta Road
Church of the Good Shepard
Rochester, New York

Saturday's Child 51st Doll & Bear Show
Saturday, May 12, 2012
8250 Park Road
Batavia, New York

The Down East Doll Show and Conference
June 21-24
Greenville Convention Center
330 SW Greenville BLVD
Greenville, North Carolina

UFDC National Convention
July 24-27, 2012
Sheraton New Orleans
500 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Sauder Village Doll and Teddy Bear Show
August 1-5, 2012
Sauder Village, 22611 Street, Rout 2
Archbold, OH
I will be there as a guest artist.
A special edition doll has been created for this event.

More shows for the following months will
be posted at a later date.