Rachel is 28" tall with a porcelain head rotating on a porcelain shoulder plate. The plate is shoulder to shoulder.

She's on a cloth wired poseable body. Her arms are in porcelain and just below the elbow, her legs are just above the knee in porcelain.

She is dressed as one-of-a-kind.

Handmade mohair wig that was made in Germany and is braided just as the little Amish girls wear. She had little white underneath her handmade Amish bonnet. The was hand made by the Amish.
She is carrying a handmade quilt by the Amish in white, different shades of purple and lavender. Her baby doll is a new doll by the Amish that has the baby body and is hinged or joined.
No Amish doll has a face if damaged. They do not believe in reflection of themselves. The Amish outfit was handmade by me.

Even her black shoes is the type the Amish girls wear. I love and respect the Amish in admire their lifestyle. There is a lot to be learned from them.

She retails for $595
I will be doing two sets of the Amish dolls in smaller sizes.

This set is sold!

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