To all my wonderful collectors and fans,
I have to thank you so much for making my dreams come true! I am so lucky to meet so many wonderful people over the years and try make them happy with my dolls when I was younger I had a love for dolls but never thought that I would become a dollmaker and scupltor. I have been blessed in so many ways over the years and God works in strange ways. We have a special needs son who needs a lot of attention and I felt when he was born that I would need to stay home to take care of him and my daughter. I felt this was most inportant job of the world but because of this I found that I could work from home.

I started a ceramic business on a shoestring budget of $200, and from this small investment I built my business up and I was a distributor for major paint company, and also teaching studios how to set up their businesses.
One day I saw an ad in making reproduction. After I took that first class and made my very first doll I felt that I have found my place and calling in life!

I found I needed to go to Bells porcelain factory in Florida to learn all of the elements of porcelain. I came home and sold out my ceramic business in one week. After doing this I went forward full throttle and stared at my doll business. I did reproduction dolls until 1989 when Roggie made his next step in his life and moved into a group home. At the same time I saw a small ad that Mensbach would be teaching sculpting. I applied for the class and never turned back.

I commuted for five years to study in Oregon were Theo taught me the method of sculpting, and what they do at the Hummel factory. He was a master sculptor for Hummel. From here I was able to attend Toy Fair and Idex and many other trade shows. I've studied under many European artists as they taught the old world methods.

Over the years I've been asked to work for many wonderful companies and with each one I have formed
treasured friendships. Effanbee doll company, a famous artist with her doll line Edna Hibel, The Danbury Mint, Lenox China, Charisma Brands - the Marie Osmond line and the Alexander doll company.

I was honored and felt that this was moments to treasure when I was asked to be Marie Osmond's first sculpting teacher and mentor. Her very first doll that she did was "Olive May" after her mom. It was a great success. I was so proud of this and also that I was the teacher who taught her to develop her talents. With this we have formed a wonderful friendship.

Over the years I've been honored and felt very fortunate that I have won many awards. The Doll of Excellence, the Diamond awards and the Doty awards. I've been so fortunate this past year. I was voted on by my peers for my Doty nomination for my Maria doll.

I still have a few dreams and goals that I have to meet. Recently I have come out with the 14 inch vinyl doll. One of these dolls received a Doty nomination. I also recently came out with the BJD, a 14 inch porcelain doll with 18 pieces that I will also put into resin. The last year I've also been working with Pro Sculpt and developing my technique with this product. In the future you will see more one-of-a-kinds in this product.
I love creating one-of-a-kinds for the collector, as they are truly special and I can create my creativity to limit in my one-of-a-kind.

I have set my dream standards and goals very high and have reached many of them! I still have a few more that I have. I have to say in closing, please if you have a dream follow it, as I have mine. I have to say I could not do all this without the support of my husband Roger (who is my best supporter), my children, friends and my collectors!!

I love teaching people the art form of sculpting as it brings out so much love of a person to see how they can
create a wonderful and new object of art. Being I have worked so hard over the years to reach my dream I want other artists to be able to reach their dreams and I'm more than willing to share with them and how to accomplish these, as I have truly been blessed and I want to see other's to be able to reach their dreams!